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Add Wishes, big or small, to your Wish Lists.

Create WishLists for yourself, or those in need like a friend, family member, a school or causes important to you.

Get creative with lists like "My bucket list" or "My top ten Wishes of all time". Make a Wish List for that project you're hoping to do.

Of course, create WishLists for birthdays, holidays or any occasion.

Create WishLists

Accept Contributions

Receive contributions for yourself, a cause important to you, a school, a friend or a family member.

People can contribute money or items towards your WishList. They can contribute funds towards the whole WishList, a big Wish, or towards a contribution goal you’ve set.

Share your Contribution WishList with family, friends or organizations & get the help you need.

Accept Contributions

Find WishLists

Find your friends, family members or causes on Discover what's really on their WishList.

Make Wishes come true for those important to you.

Make a contribution towards a WishList, one big Wish, or a contribution goal.

Find a WishList

Share WishLists

Share your WishList with friends on and your favorite social sites. Let friends and family know what interests you.

Get people involved - share Contribution WishLists for friends, family and causes important to you.

Share your WishLists

Create & Send Invitations

Invite friends and family to your WishList, an event you're hosting, send thank you notes, or invite friends to create their own WishLists.

Create custom cards, announcements, invites from form millions of spectacular images or use your own images and photos.

Track RSVP's, items people should bring to your event, who has viewed your invite...

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