Show ALL items featured in ALL your videos

  • Consistent branding with YouTube channel
  • Link back to your video and channel
  • Show fans exactly where you got the items
  • Show price and website for purchase
  • Click on item for more details
  • Go directly to website for purchase
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An influencer's list of items they featured in a video

Showcase all your videos and the items you’re passionate about

  • One place for every item you’ve ever featured
  • Dedicated list for each video
  • Click on thumbnail to see all items in video
  • Fans can share items/lists with friends
  • Fans can follow your lists and get notified when you make a new one
  • Fans can save items to their own WishLists
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An influencer's list of videos, each linking to a list of items featured in that video

Share your Lists as links or embed them in your webpages

  • Share all your lists, just one list, or individual items in a list
  • Simple copy and paste into Youtube video descriptions or other social media
  • Short links, with click through tracking
  • Automatically tag your links with your affiliate tracking codes or click through tracking codes
  • Customize your link urls
  • Copy and paste your list's widget to embed it directly into your blog or other webpages
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Share your list in many different ways

3 simple steps

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+WishList App

Add items to your Influencer Lists

Manage all your lists, including referral tracking and commission tags.

+WishList App

Link to your Influencer Lists

Link to your branded Influencer Lists from anywhere, like video descriptions. Also, embed your lists into any webpage.