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Earn commissions on items in your list
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Save items from any website
An influencer's list of items they featured in a video

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Build your brand of items. Give fans a way to collect and share your items
Fans can follow your lists and get notified when you make new lists or changes
Fans can mix and match your lists into their own
A WishList for each video, post, etc.
An influencer's list of videos, each linking to a list of items featured in that video

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Collect items you might feature on Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Blogs, Etc.
Organize and group your items into your final content.
Drop your video, post to TikTok, etc. - Just copy and paste links, with titles, to your list and/or each item on your list - all at once.
Links and titles for every item in your list are automatically created for you. Choose your link format, then copy and paste them all at once. Links are shortened, with titles and have your commission/link tracking codes for each website.

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