Show ALL items featured in ALL your videos

  • Consistent branding with YouTube channel
  • Link back to your video and channel
  • Show fans exactly where you got the items
  • Automatically add item images, price, buy buttons, description...
  • Click on item for more details
  • Go directly to website for purchase
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An influencer's list of items they featured in a video

Showcase all your videos and the items you’re passionate about

  • One place for every item you’ve ever featured
  • Dedicated list for each video
  • Click on thumbnail to see all items in video
  • Fans can share items/lists with friends
  • Fans can follow your lists and get notified when you make a new one
  • Fans can save items to their own WishLists
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An influencer's list of videos, each linking to a list of items featured in that video

Share your Lists as links or embed them in your webpages

  • Share all your lists, just one list, or individual items in a list
  • Simple copy and paste into Youtube video descriptions or other social media
  • Short links, with click through tracking
  • Automatically tag your links with your affiliate tracking codes or click through tracking codes
  • Customize your link urls
  • Copy and paste your list's widget to embed it directly into your blog or other webpages
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Share your list in many different ways

3 simple steps

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+WishList App

Add items to your Influencer Lists.

Decide on a topic for a video, instagram, TikTok, blog, etc. Visit your favorite sites and automatically add items to you topic's List with images, buy buttons, pricing, and descriptions. Then create your video/post to feature your List.

+WishList App

Link to your List

Link to your List from your video, instagram, TikTok, blog, etc. Easily copy your List, with item names and links, and paste it into your post. Also, embed your List in any webpage.