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Why people love is a universal WishList, so you can save everything you like in one place! Save anything, from anywhere.

Celebrate Life's Special Moments. WishLists aren't just for birthdays and holidays; they're a celebration of life's extraordinary moments. Capture the essence of these occasions with personalized WishLists that reflect your desires, aspirations, and passions. From honeymoon adventures to sharing your interests with loved ones, helps you cherish and commemorate every milestone.

Surprise! When someone buys a gift for you from your WishList, it stays hidden so you won't know what it is until you open it.

Create beautiful, customized, WishList pages. Include your profile picture, banner image, social media links, occasions and more.

Create as many WishLists as you want. Create multiple profiles, like for each family member, to organize their WishLists.

No duplicate gifts! When a Wish is purchased off a list, it's marked "Received" and can't be purchased again.

Make your WishList public for everyone to see, or keep it private, or share it only with specific people.

Organizations and charities can create WishLists too. is a platform for people to contribute towards a cause or support specific items on a charity's WishList. It's a remarkable way to make a lasting impact and spread joy.

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Why gift buyers love

Get them what they really want! allows you to purchase gifts directly from the WishLists of your friends and family members. It makes gift shopping hassle-free and ensures that you get them something they're hoping for.

See and share what your loved ones are Wishing for, for any special occasion.

Show them you care! Ask a loved one to create a WishList.

Follow your loved one's WishLists and know when special occasions, like birthdays, are coming up.

When you purchase a Wish as a gift, mark it "Received" so you're assured your gift is unique.

Ways to make WishLists

Shop's 100+ Million items. Click "Add to WishList" to add items to your WishList.

Add Wishes from any website, at any time. Use the App, Extension, or Browser Button to add wishes from your favorite sites.

Discover new stores that other people on love and add items from those stores to your WishList.

Google the web from itself, and easily add items to your WishList.

Manually add Wishes with a description, photo, price and URL.

Create your WishList now

Save items from any website

More options:
Copy and paste a webpage url, then click "Get Wish."
Upload an image and description for your Wish
Describe Wish
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