Why you need a baby registry

Add items from any website
With the Add to Wishlist button
Take the “if” out of gift
Get exactly what you want. Include gift notes like size and color. Use our wish meter to let everyone know how much you want each gift.
Avoid duplicates & returns
Gifts can be marked as purchased so others won’t buy the same gift. The last thing you’ll want to do once baby arrives is return unwanted items. With a baby list you won’t have to!
Allow contributions
Want a crib, stroller, or other expensive item? Want to go on a babymoon? Allow loved ones to contribute $ (via Paypal) to celebrate your new arrival.
Share your list with friends and family
There are three ways to share your list: public (anyone can see), only for friends/family or with link (only people you share the link with can see your wishlist)
Save items from any website to your baby registry
Customize your birthday wishlist