Who can see my WishList?

When you create (or edit) your WishList you have 4 options to choose from: Public – anyone can see your wishlist Friends – only your friends can see it (once you accept their friend request) With Link – only people whom you send the link to your WishList will be able to view it. It […]

Can I make my WishList private?

Yes! When you create (or edit) your wishlist just select Private for ‘Who can see this WishList?’ Visitors to your profile will not be able to see a private WishList.

How do I delete a WishList?

You must be logged in to your account to delete a WishList. Go to the WishList you want to delete, click the Edit button, then select Delete WishList.

How do I remove a wish from my WishList?

Click on the wish you would like to delete. Click ‘Edit Wish’  (top right) and then ‘Delete Wish’. Note: You must be logged in to your account to delete a WishList.

Can I customize each WishList I make?

Yes! When creating a new WishList you are able to name, select a photo and a background image for each WishList you make. You can even include links to your social media.

What’s the difference between the types of WishList?

When you create a new WishList you have 2 choices:  ‘Gifts I hope to receive’ -Gifts you want that friends can reserve and buy for you. ‘What I’m into’ – items you want to save to your WishList, but not receive as a gift.  It could be anything, like items you like and want to […]

Can I have more than one WishList?

Yes! You can have as many WishLists as you want. Every WishList you make can be unique. Go to your profile and click the ‘+ New WishList’ button.

How do I make a WishList?

Click  ‘Sign Up’ at the top of the page and create a WishList account. Then start finding items you want to add to your WishList by shopping on WishList.com or any of your favorite websites. To add items to your WishList from other websites, get the “+WishList.com” button for your browser or the +WishList.com app […]