Can l hide my address?

Because does not sell any products of our own, gift buyers will need to know your address if you want items sent to you directly.  The good news is that most of your friends already know your address.  If you want to hide your address you can edit your WishList and change the address […]

How do I let people know my address?

When you’re creating or editing a WishList, you can add your delivery address (optional). Your delivery address will only appear when someone reserves a gift for you. You can also set the privacy of your delivery address to ‘Private (hidden)’ or ‘Friends’, so only people that are your friends on WishList will be able to […]

When someone buys me a gift, how does that gift get to me? doesn’t sell any products directly. When a gift is purchased, the purchase is made on the website where the gift is sold. There are 2 ways for a user to give a gift to you: They send the gift directly to you. You have the option to share your shipping information with your friends […]