I don’t want to use the app or browser button, how can I add a wish?

While in your WishList, click on ‘+New Wish’. Scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the instructions for ‘Manually save items from any website’. There are 2 ways to do this: Copy and paste a webpage url, then select ‘Get Wish” Click on ‘Describe wish’ and add your own picture & description.

Can I add items to my WishList from other websites?

Yes! Install the +WishList button on your browser or install the +WishList.com app on your phone. Once you have added this button to your browser, you will be able to add any item to your WishList by clicking the blue bubble icon  located next to the search bar. Here’s more information on adding wishes…

How do I add wishes to my WishList?

There are 2 primary ways to add wishes to your WishList. Shop on WishList.com and click on the “add to WishList” button. We have over 100 millions products. Shop on any other website. First, get the “+WishList.com” button for your browser or the +WishList.com app for your smartphone. Then, visit any website with the item […]