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Frequently Asked Questions


  • open What is WishList.com?
  • open How does WishList.com work?
  • open Is WishList.com totally free?
  • open May I create multiple accounts with the same email address?
  • open How does WishList.com help users find the lowest prices?
  • open Does WishList.com sell products?

All About WishLists and Wishes

  • open What types of WishLists can I create?
  • open Is there a limit to the number of WishLists I can have?
  • open How do I create a WishList?
  • open How do I add Wishes to my WishList?
  • open How do I edit Wish details?
  • open Can I manually add an item to my WishList?
  • open What is the WishMeter?

Sharing and Finding WishLists

  • open How do I share my WishLists?
  • open How do I find a WishList?
  • open How do I find a WishList?

Reserving, Buying, and Shopping

  • open What is the difference between buying and reserving a gift?
  • open How do I purchase a gift off a WishList?
  • open How do I cancel a purchase once it has been made?
  • open Is my address listed anywhere for a buyer to view?


  • open How do I add friends on WishList.com?

Comments and Recommendations

  • open May I comment publicly about someone else's WishList?
  • open How do I leave a comment on a Wish?

Settings and Privacy

  • open How do I change my account settings?
  • open Can I password protect an individual WishList?
  • open How do I delete my account?