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Beausoleil print

Wish Count: 1
Recipients: vizio
List description:
Beausoleil M907 C4 Eyeglasses: VizioOptic.com
  • added: 04-14-2011
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Price: from 1 seller
Wish description: This Beausoleil female frame is sophisticated elegance. The front of this eyeglass frame is semi-rimless titanium in copper brown. The arms are a caramel brown plastic with intricate beaded detail and a spring hinge. The tips have matching detail as well. The backside has a hint of blue and pink color for flare and includes nose pads. These glasses fit a medium face and feels light. All Beausoleil eyewear products are handmade in France. We include an authentic Beausoleil eyeglass case, a cleaning cloth and a special cleaning spray with these eyeglass frames.
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