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WishList.com has been providing top retailers with WishList and Gift Registry solutions for years. We have a complete set of solutions, online and offline, which can be tailored to fit how you do business.

Our integration process is extremely simple and straight forward. There's no reason not to have a WishList on your site today.

Start connecting with your customers' personal Wishes!

Why add a WishList to your site?

  1. Increase your sales
  2. Provide a reason for customers to return to your site to purchase their Wishes
  3. Learn, target, and follow up with what your customers want
  4. Drive new customers to your site via WishList share functionality

New Marketing Opportunities

  1. Segment users who use the WishList and target them directly with custom emails
  2. Know how much of a particular item resides in WishLists, discount it to move it
  3. Turn inactive users into active shoppers by knowing what they want and when they last logged in