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About WishList.com

Founded in 1998, WishList.com has pioneered the idea of gift registry for any occasion. There is no longer a reason for you, as a either a gift buyer or gift receiver, to ever again get the wrong gift. Whether it be a birthday, a holiday such as Christmas or Chanukah, a house warming, a wedding, a baby shower, a bar mitzvah, or a graduation, there is always a reason to start a WishList today at WishList.com!

Through WishList.com Shopping, as well as WishList.com's other tools used to add Wishes to WishLists, WishList members have the ability to add products from any retailer on the Internet. Once you've created your WishList, WishList.com enables community interaction so that you can easily share with friends and family your Lists as well as comments about gifts you love and know they would also love.

We are continuing to strive to make WishList.com as easy and useful as possible for our users. Please don't hesitate to provide us with feedback on how we can make the site even better. Are you looking for features we don't yet have? Please let us know.

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Management Team

Keith Kraemer, CEO and Founder

Serial entrepreneur Keith Kraemer is the Founder and CEO of WishList.com. He has applied the extensive knowledge gained from managing other entrepreneurial endeavors during the last decade to the launch of the dynamic WishList.com website.

"Our goal is to build an international WishList brand, so that we can help fulfill wishes of people in every area of society, especially those in need," says Keith. "We want to be the platform where real needs are fulfilled by real people."

Keith's extensive experience as an entrepreneur includes the formation of HealthCare Enterprise Solutions in 2003, of which he is the Founder and CEO. He also founded and managed an Educational Software company which provided public school districts with enterprise email and group software.

Keith received his Bachelor's degree in Physics from Connecticut College. After graduating, he worked for Brookhaven National Laboratories as a Physics Associate, but soon realized that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He decided to attend USC's Marshall School of Business, where his studies focused on entrepreneurialism, finance and organizational behavior.

After graduating with his MBA, he was a consultant in the Network Security Department at Deloitte Touche. Prompted by the dot.com frenzy, he decided to surrender to his entrepreneurial spirit and start WishList.com in 1998.


Jeffrey Tinsley - Founder and CEO of MyLife.com (formerly Reunion.com)

Jeffrey Tinsley is a leading Internet entrepreneur who has built and operated several successful profitable companies.

Mr. Tinsley founded Reunion.com in 2002, during a time when most people were closing Internet-based businesses rather than investing in them. Over the last six years, the company has experienced consistent and significant growth, with more than 40 million members, revenues increasing 100% per year, and already yielding initial investors a 3000% return thus far, based on the last investment round.

Prior to Reunion.com, Mr. Tinsley was a founder and the CEO of GreatDomains.com, the leading secondary marketplace for domain names, where he was responsible for creating and building a profitable business from an unproven concept. The business was eventually sold to publicly-traded VeriSign for $100 million.

Mr. Tinsley's vast expertise with Internet companies was integral to the re-launch of WishLIst.com.