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Redwings Horse Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in Lockwood, California in the coastal region half way between San Francisco and Santa Barbara. The mission of Redwings Horse Sanctuary is to eliminate the causes of equine suffering through education and community outreach programs, rescue abused and neglected equines, and provide permanent sanctuary or selected foster homes for those equines.

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Wish Count: 3
Recipients: Redwings Horse Sanctuary
List description: Things we really need for the Sanctuary.
  • added: 06-20-2011
  • recipients: Lockwood and Prunedale Ranch
  • reserved: 24 of 24
Price:$3.99 from 1 seller
Wish description: We're always in need of fly masks for eye protection. And with summer and flys arriving, we would really appreciate a good supply. PLEASE DONATE IN ALL SIZES FROM MINI TO DRAFT!! THANKS!!
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Canon PowerShot SD1400IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera with...
  • added: 06-20-2011
  • recipients: Lockwood Ranch
  • reserved: 0 of 1
Price:$198.00 from 1 seller
Wish description: Any Digital Camera to continue documenting our horses progress from time of arrival and to share their stories will do. This is only a suggestion. (our little camera has pretty much died)
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New or Used Hay Cart With Large Wheels (for mud)
  • added: 04-22-2011
  • recipients: Prunedale Ranch
  • reserved: 1 of 1
Price: from 1 seller
Wish description: We need a new hay cart for the Prunedale ranch. The current one is badly cracked along the bottom and the wheels get stuck making it difficult to push. Pretty much any decent size cart will do. One that would carry 8-10 flakes of hay would be awesome
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