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Wish Count: 2
Recipients: Temujin
List description: A list of things we'll need when baby comes. It is by no means all inclusive, so if you would prefer to get something that is not on the list go right ahead! Also, if you have any gently used "hand-me-down" type deals thats perfectly fine! We are just so thankful for any help.
Chevy Camaro Remote Control Car
  • added: 04-22-2011
  • recipients: Tem & G
  • reserved: 0 of 1
Price:$26.99 from 1 seller
Wish description: Radio Control 1:16 Scale Big Time Muscle car features Full function radio control vehicle with forward, reverse, stop, and left and right turns all in a impact resistant body. A 1:16 scale replica design, it looks like the real thing - only smaller! Four "AA" batteries for the vehicle and one "9V" battery for controller are needed, but not included. I never played that kind of car. I was always wanting to play so now Temujin needs to have a wonderful life and play with this awesome car!
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Econobum One Size Diaper Kit
  • added: 04-22-2011
  • recipients: Temujin
  • reserved: 1 of 2
Price:$49.95 from 1 seller
Wish description: Designed to be simple and affordable, the Econobum One Size Diaper Kit includes three (3) white, one size diaper covers and twelve (12) unbleached, one size, 100% ctton prefolds. Intentionally constructed to be simple, yet effective, one of these cloth diaper kits makes the perfect part-time cloth diaper kit. However, with the purchase of two kits, you have a complete cloth diaper system for under $100.00! Not to mention the FREE SHIPPING already available for any purchase of $49.00 or more! Other outlets may have this product, I just put up the Virginia Beach Based one.
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